YSU Faculty/Staff Retirement Solution

We have chosen a low-cost, tax-efficient solution for our YSU clients to assist them in their retirement savings.  Low-cost retirement savings vehicles can help maximize cost savings.  Combining these cost savings with tax deferral, can help create a powerful impact through compounding over time.


How can a TSA/403(b) plan at YSU help you save for retirement?


It's an easy and consistent way to save.  You choose how much you would like to save per pay and YSU will automatically send your contributions to your 403(b) account.  They will be allocated appropriately based on the portfolio designed exclusively for you.  It's also a disciplined way to make retirement contributions.


It's a tax-advantaged strategy. By making contributions on a pre-tax basis, you may be able to lower your current taxable income.


It has flexible retirement income options and a large variety of investment choices. With the help of your adviser, you can choose which investments work best for you.  And when it comes time to retire, you decide from different income options.


For more information on TSA/403(b) plans, please click here.