Our Partnership with Sterne Agee


In the investment business, every independent investment firm must align themselves with a broker/dealer to be able to conduct business. We chose to place our trust in Sterne Agee because their philosophy, values and beliefs are consistent with ours. 


Thousands of advisors across the country have relied on the Sterne Agee family to gain access to a broad suite of financial and technical resources including Investment Banking, their Trust Company, equity and fixed income research and expansive investment choices.  Their state-of-the-art technology has been designed to make our job as the advisor easier so that we can focus on one thing - our clients.


Their philosophy is personal.


Sterne Agee is a focused partner and guide because they understand that personal investing is just that - personal.  Everyone's financial situation is as unique as they are.  So they ask questions first, they listen, they relate, they guide.  In the end, their success comes from understanding - the kind of understanding that leads to long-lasting relationships.


With all of the uncertainty and mistrust that exists in the financial world today, they are not a financial firm that's flashy or pretentious.  They are not so big that they lose their ability to build and nurture relationships with their clients.  They are not faceless to their clients, and they are not, nor will they ever be, just a number to them. 


Their focus is different.


Their investors, their hopes and dreams, their current state and their ideal future are where their focus lies each and every day.  This focus keeps three things perfectly clear: the client's goals, the client's plan and their conscience.


They have four simple beliefs that serve as the foundation of their focus.  They are called the "Core Four."  For more than a century, these beliefs have served as a guideline for their growth and will always be the means to their success.

  1. Their Clients Profit FirstWhen they ensure their client's success, they ensure their own.
  2. We Prevail together.  No one achieve greatness alone, which is why their teams work together to help their clients thrive.
  3. Their Integrity is Not For Sale.  Doing well must never replace doing right.
  4. Listening Create Possibilities.  Listening carefully to understand what their clients really what and need is the only way they can help them find success.


Founded in 1901, Sterne Agee remains one of the few privately owned brokerage firms in the country.  Their founders not only established a leading financial services firm, but they also played an integral role in the founding of Alabama's largest city - Birmingham.


Today, they are still headquartered in Birmingham, but serve more than 140,000 clients in all 50 states.  The firm offers comprehensive financial service to a diverse client base, including corporations, municipalities and individual investors.  With office anchored in the financial centers of Manhattan and San Francisco, their professional manage more than $23 billion in assets, and their company employs more than 1,600 employees in 61 offices.  The Sterne Agee family of companies has prospered for more than 100 years by always putting client interests first and consistently delivering excellent financial service.



Sterne Agee has thrived for more than 100 years.  No one makes it that long on luck.  We've lasted because we hire talented people.  We give them the resources they need to be successful.  We value the independence of both the firm and the individual, and we demand that out clients' interests come first.


- James S. Holbrook Jr., Chairman and CEO