College Savings.  Build a Solid Foundation.


From the first time we step into a classroom, the lessons we learn and the teachers that provide them help shape the people we become and form the building blocks of our future success.


The reality is that the cost of those lessons will continue to rise.  Higher education is becoming increasingly expensive and saving to cover the costs of tuition, books and fees can be one of the most difficult tasks facing investors today.


It is never too early to begin laying the foundation for future success through education.  Consistent investing and sound financial advice are the building blocks of a winning college savings plan.


College savings with tax advantages.

There are different ways to save for higher education but we believe that a 529 plan offers the most flexible and efficient way to accomplish your goals.  A 529 college savings plan gives you the ability to contribute, grow and withdraw your assets free from federal taxes as long as the funds are used for qualified higher education expenses.


Some states (including Ohio) provide favorable tax treatment to their residents only if they invest in that state's respective plan.  For example, Ohio's plan allows an additional state tax benefit of up to $2,000 per account per contributor (or married couple) to be deducted per beneficiary per year with unlimited carry forward in future years until the full amount of the contribution has been deducted. In addition, all earnings and qualified withdrawals will not be subject to Ohio state tax.  Consult your tax professional with any tax-related questions.