Benefits of a Fee-Based Services

As a client, you’ll enjoy the following benefits of our fee-based relationship:

· Regular, personalized communication– fee-based services rely on an ongoing relationship.  We will meet with you one or more times a year to ensure your investment policy is tracking toward its goals.  You will also receive regular reports from us that illustrate your progress.  The regular communication can help you gain confidence in our investment strategy.

· Professional guidance– as an investor, you are flooded with information in the media and on the internet that can help you make informed financial decisions,  But, do you have the time to research each investment strategy and product?  We can relieve the burden of making individual buy and sell decisions.  You can feel more comfortable knowing your money is being professionally managed.

· A more disciplined approach to investing– markets inevitably rise and fall, and trying to time the market can be difficult and costly.  Following an investment policy helps to institute a methodical, disciplined approach to investing that can strike a balance between risk and reward.